• Ethan Boll

    “What If It Works?”

  • What If It Works
    (2021, 12 minutes, color)
    Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Ethan Curtis Boll
    Sound Recorded by Josh Flanagan
    Featuring Elliott Nagler, Hannah Perrault, and Keegan Arnold
    When Jack convinces his high school girlfriend Melissa to go with him to visit the local hippie drug dealer to solve their problems, they wake up the next morning trapped in each others’ bodies, and only a few days out from Jack’s big audition and Melissa’s important interview. Matters are further complicated when each realizes that they enjoy at least some aspects of being in the body of the other.

  • Find here the shooting script of “What If It Works,” whose former working title was “Sex Change.” Following this, find stills from each scene. These stills show possible color grading. Since this film has an absurd, fantastical premise, the color of the world must reinforce the mood of the piece.

  • We meet Melissa studying in her room

  • We meet Jack practicing for his audition

  • Melissa and Jack take a study break at the beach. Jack gets the idea that Doctor G, the local hippie drug dealer, can solve their problems

  • Jack and Melissa visit Doctor G who gives them a “magical” potion

  • Jack convinces Melissa to drink the Doc’s potion

  • Jack wakes up the next morning, but something doesn’t feel right

  • Jack finds himself in Melissa’s body

  • A furious Melissa finds Jack, in her body, singing in the shower

  • Melissa drags Jack back to Doctor G’s truck in attempt to switch back to their normal bodies, but the Doc is nowhere to be found

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